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    Osteoporosis Check Up



    Osteoporosis is defined as a disease characterized by low bone mass and deterioration of bone microarchitecture. Literally means porous bone. The bones before resistant, become fragile increasing the risk of fracture.
    Osteoporosis is a disease that evolves in a silent way in most cases without the patient's awareness of this fragility, until the day that may suffer any fracture following a fall or a small injury.

    It is recommended that all women from 65 and men from 70 do the check up.




      Bone Densitometry

    Breast Check Up



    The female breast is composed of lobes (milk-producing glands) by ducts (small tubes that carry milk to the nipple lobes) and stroma (connective and adipose tissue surrounding the lobes and ducts, blood vessels and lymphatics) .
    With Breast Cancer Screening intended to early diagnosis, through a set of tests that can detect the presence of tumor and the treatment more efficiently and with less complications.

    It is recommended that all women from 40-45 years do the check up.




       Breast Ultrasound

    Prostate Check Up



    The prostate is a gland that makes part of the male reproductive system, contributing to the formation of testosterone and sperm. It consists of a body size of a nut with the weight of 20 grams in young adulthood, which is located at the bottom of the bladder and have, in the ring, surrounding the urethral channel, communicating with the testicles. From the age of 40 this gland tends to grow more or less rapidly. In about 50% of cases, by their size or the growth medium, situations can arise that create difficulties for urination and / or defecation itself.

    It is recommended that all men from 40-45 years do the check up.



      Renal Ultrasound

      Vesical Ultrasound

      Prostate Ultrasound

    Lung Check Up


    The main purpose of the lungs is to provide our blood oxygen which is transported to body cells. Other respiratory organs whose function is to direct the air to the lungs, is the same that occurs conversion of venous blood (deoxygenated blood and rich in carbon dioxide) in arterial blood (oxygen-rich blood). One of the main measures to prevent lung cancer is to stop smoking.

    It is recommended an annual check up for those who have been smoking for more then 10 years and for those who stopped for less than five years.




      Torax X-ray

    Preventive Check Up


    The check-up is a regular medical review, in the case of a set of tests for assessing health and outwit effectively potentially inducing factors of disease. This review is appropriate to the individual risk profile depending on factors such as age, gender, habits and lifestyles.




      Blood Analisis


      Bone Densitometri

      Torax X-ray

      Abdominal Ultrasound

      Ginecológic Ultrasound / Prostatic Ultrasound